Quality Knitwear

Careful attention to detail is what makes a product great
Our values and our passion for knitwear guide us in all we do

The Raw Material

The selection of raw material is without a doubt one of the most important stages in the creation of an exclusive product. We select and use only the best flocks of cashmere following careful procedures; we test the length and fineness of this natural fiber, thanks also our longstanding collaboration with breeders in the Mongolian highlands.

Dyeing & Spinning

It is in our dyeing and spinning division that the selected flocks of cashmere are colored and begin their transformation into yarn. We are proud to say that such processes have been certified ISO 9001:2000 for quality management systems, a certification which rewards our efforts over the years to meet international standards.

Knitting & Sewing

The true creation of our garments begins in our knitting and sewing division. The knitting process transforms yarn into fabric, making the cloth that the sewing process will assemble to form the finished product. The latter is a manual process which requires great experience and skill.

Quality Control & Packaging

The last, but certainly not least important, stages of production are quality control and packaging. Each garment is carefully checked for any possible production flaws, after which the labels are stitched and the product is ironed and packaged. As a further guarantee, the care labels of each product include the ID number of the assigned quality control operator.