About Us

Our Story

Our story starts in 2005, when we first began producing fine cashmere knitwear.
We still do today, for our brand, for major chain retails and for important designer labels. We have been working hard for years.

Since then, cashmere has become more and more an object of desire; demand has increased, as has competition, spaces have narrowed and negotiations have become more complex.
In our sector, we have seen well-known brands disappear and others grow and go public; above all, we have seen intense speculation on prices and have watched the fashion industry change.

We then thought: if internet has shortened distances, we can reward the end clients by bringing them “closer” to the product.
This is what we have done, because it is clear that in the presence of importers, agents and retailers, it is the end client who pays for them all.

  • MaisonCashmere is not a flash sale site, we are producers and will produce your order just for you.
  • MaisonCashmere will take your order time after time and will produce it for you over a span of 10 or 20 days.
  • MaisonCashmere will keep you up to date by email, from the moment you place your order to the moment you receive it.

It may seem like a long wait…but for the money you’ll save, you’ll realize that it was worth it.

A New Buying Experience


No warehouses, no stores and no middle man. Eliminating these costs we are able to offer you the all-Italian quality you seek at convenient prices.
Moreover, what you receive will be produced only in response to your needs, avoiding waste deriving from the unnecessary moving of cargo.


The direct line between our factory and the client makes it possible to cut prices by as much as 50% as compared to traditional retail.


As easy as it may seem to win you over with words, we prefer to let our actions speak for us.
Each of your requests will be followed by someone who has been creating quality knitwear for years, and in this case is able to do so at unparalleled prices.