Pure Cashmere Bicolor Scarf

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  • Production time: 5-6 business days
  • Next batch starts on: 20 November (Tuesday)

  • Region of production: Liguria, Italy
  • Production team: 9 (5 men / 4 women)
  • Total styles produced: more than 35
  • Collaborating since: 2015

  • Yarn supplier: Filatura di Biella (Italy)
  • Yarn count: 2/28 Nm
  • Thread count: 2-ply
  • Gauge: 8gg - Medium-High
  • USA & Australia: $ 15,00
  • Europe: $ 6,90
  • DHL / FedEx / UPS: 1-3 business days

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A new kind of protection

cashmere bicolor scarf

Knit in two layers of the finest cashmere, each of a different color, this scarf will give you total protection on cold winter days. To make it practical, we’ve added an opening along ones of its hems, which will make it easy to keep this scarf snug around your neck, simply by pulling a part of it through. Soft and featherlight, one of our most comfortable items.

A new buying experience

Each piece of cashmere knitwear starts its journey as a single thread of yarn...

When you buy on MaisonCashmere, your purchase is managed directly by the Italian producer,
who will make your items to order, guaranteeing top quality at the best price.

From left to right: knitting, linking, fulling, finishing/ironing.
Process may vary from product to product, image for illustrative purposes only.


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Customer Service

Super soft scarf

Pros: Perfect, Soft, Comfortable, Elegant, Warm, Versatile, Lightweight, Essential

Best Uses: Casual wear, Weekend, Work wear, Travel

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find and this tri colour scarf is just perfect. It's just the right length and sits beautifully not bulky but super soft and warm, everything a scarf should be. Versitle with the 2 colour ways and very stylish.

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Customer Service

bicolor scarf

Pros: Soft, Comfortable, Warm, Versatile

Best Uses: Casual wear, Weekend, Work wear, Travel

I love this scarf! It's beautifully made and very soft. Because it's a shorter scarf, it's not at all bulky. Being double-sided/two-color makes it versatile and unique. I bought it in four different color combinations for myself and will likely purchase more as gifts.

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Customer Service

Cashmere bicolour scarf

Pros: Soft, Comfortable, Warm, Lightweight

I love this cashmere bicolour scarf - so soft, warm and comfortable. Thank you so much Anna for your most professional customer service in handling my product order!

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