the finest fiber

Not all cashmere is created equal

We believe that selection of the finest fibers is at the heart of a high quality product

Cashmere's value is determined by its length and fineness; a longer fiber with a fineness within 14 and 19 microns is of a higher quality and is less inclined to produce "bobbles".

The scarcity of this fiber, due to the limited number of cashmere goats and difficulty of its collection, is what makes it so precious.

"Woolen" yarn

The long process from raw material to yarn

Fine Details

A time-honored tradition

Strong Ribbed Knit

We know it’s the details that make the difference,
which is why we have made our seams strong
and our ribbed knit thick and sturdy.

Made to last

wash after wash

Unchanging Colors and Fit…

…thanks to the use of cashmere that has been
dyed on the flock, before being spun into yarn.

Did you know…?

Important facts

"Woolen" Yarn

Soft and voluminous
Light and breathable

The carding process removes impurities and intermingles short and long fibers,
giving the resulting yarn that soft and fluffy texture we all know and love.

Yarn Count / Gauge

Full-bodied yet weightless
Perfect for any season

We have selected Nm 2/28 count yarn, one of the finest, to create our collection in various gauges,
from the classic pullover to heavier items like jackets and blankets.

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