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Nothing could be more luxurious and exclusive than cashmere. That is why we designed our women's cashmere collection: to pamper you with garments which are truly comfortable and warm, as well as chic and stylish. From classic sweaters to versatile cardigans, from sporty weekend wear to elegant dresses, our women's cashmere collection has something to meet any need or desire you may have, all with the utmost comfort and softness only cashmere can guarantee. We've also created a line of women's cashmere accessories, to add a special touch to your outfits: hats, scarves, ponchos and more, which will complete any look with style. And, last but not least, our line of women's cashmere loungewear: tracksuits, robes, socks, and leggings to make your free time all the more relaxing. Maison Cashmere offers only the finest cashmere garments, in a variety of styles and colors you're sure to love!